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Whew! Things are sure going great, my calendar is getting packed! Speaking of packing, I just returned from a short stay in London to perform with Deltron 3030 and the London 3030 orchestra at Glastonbury!! It was such a huge festival, so many amazing groups playing in a few days! Above is a random pic I found online from our show.

I hope someone posts a video soon, I will share! We had an amazing packed audience!

More still to come for this summer! I’ll be playing with Dynamic in Oakland, Tony! Toni! Tone! in SF, along with 2 more Deltron 3030 gigs this month on the East Coast! As always, check my calendar for gigs you can attend! (It’s Wedding season, and man some of the bands I’ve been working with have been such fun! People are dancing their asses off! 🙂